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Heavily inspired by the Korean fashion culture, this new addition to the brand is all about its name. Made with high-quality vegan leather, polyester lining, and non-tarnish adjustable metal clasps, this handbag's innovative design is sure to add versatility to your style this summer. INNOVATE speaks for itself; it is a small-sized chic handbag designed to be styled in 2 ways: as a shoulder bag or as a handbag to carry. The choice is up to you!


The Muse Collection is curated to include our custom handbag designs that will be the highlight of your style. As part of our rebrand, our goal is to make Afroblisso stand out so that when someone asks "Omg, where did you get that bag from", all you have to do is show them the name on the front.

Never forget: accessories are ESSENTIAL.

INNOVATE is available in 3 colors.

  • Product Info

    The MUSE Collection was curated for the individuals who are always in search of the right products to make their unique style stand out. While we can find inspiration anywhere, always remember that you are your MUSE!

    Our INNOVATE handbag was designed to add versatility to your style and is sure to make it stand out. Each handbag is carefully and personally packaged in a medium shipping box and wrapped in tissue to prevent it from being damaged. 

    Shape: Half-circle/Crescent

    Type: Shoulder bag and Handbag to carry

    Material: German vegan leather with silver, non-tarnish metal adjustable clasps

    Size: 8.2 x 2.3 in x 9.8 in

    Closure type: Zipper

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    We offer a 7-day return policy on all products from your delivery date. See our full Return Policy here.

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    Shipping methods include: 

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      • Estimated delivery time for accessories: 2-7 days ​

      • Estimated delivery time for clothing & shoes: 2-14 days

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      • Estimated delivery time for accessories: 1-3 days​

      • Estimated delivery time for clothing & shoes: 2-7 days

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      • Costs and delivery time are calculated at checkout!

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