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I desperately wish I did not have to be writing this because I am so exhausted by everything that has happened, but some things need to be said. To my Black people, I hope you are all taking care of yourselves. If you are protesting, please stay safe. I hate waking up to find out that another innocent Black person has become another hashtag because I fear that one day, that could be me. As a Black woman in America with two Black brothers, I fear for their lives more than I fear for my own. Unfortunately, that is the reality for a lot of Black people; we have to fear for our lives and the lives of our brothers and sisters, which is why there is so much "madness" and "choas." Black people are angry and we are allowed to be angry so let us be angry.

As I prepare to launch the second collection for my brand, I will be turning my anger into productive action. With that being said, 15% of every sale will be donated to Black Visions Collective and another 15% will be donated to the Legal Rights Center of Minneapolis.

I encourage everyone to turn their anger into action because this endless cycle needs to end. White people and non-black people of color, use this time to educate yourself. Allyship costs nothing. There is no reason most of you should be so obsessed with Black culture (i.e. music, dancing, fashion, hairstyles, vernacular, etc.) yet find it so difficult to try and understand the root of our anger. You can celebrate Black culture but can't stand with Black people? You can miss me with that.

Afroblisso was created by a Black woman and I intend to show that every day by supporting other black-owned businesses and uplifting the people in my community. There is so much beauty in being naturally Black and I will always celebrate that. If that by any means makes you uncomfortable, then so be it. The unfollow button is one click away.

Much love,

Aisha K.

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