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How To Find the Perfect Handbag

As we prepare for the launch of our new product, we wanted to share our tips for finding a handbag that screams "this is for you!" The new product will establish our rebrand to a handbag brand so, unlike the Rich Auntie handbag, it will be a custom-designed handbag that requires batch production. This also means that it will be the most expensive product sold in our online store because of the materials that are required to produce the handbag, which make up the high-quality label. It is a serious upgrade from the Lavish & Rich Auntie bag for Afroblisso to establish its credibility as a brand that offers high-end quality handbags at the right price. While we will still be selling sunglasses and jewelry, we are primarily dedicated to helping potential customers like you find the perfect handbag because life is too short to carry around a boring bag!

So how do we find the perfect handbag? First, you need to determine how big or small you like your bags to be but this is all dependent on where you are going, what you are wearing, and how much stuff you need to carry in the bag. For a fun night out with friends or a cute date night at a restaurant, a nice shoulder bag like our Lavish handbag would be fitting because it does not require you to carry it as much. This means that when you are dancing in the club or mingling elsewhere, your bag is securely over your shoulder; security is important. A huge pet peeve is going to a restaurant and having nowhere to securely place my bag if I am not sitting in a booth but most shoulder bags can easily hang on a chair as opposed to a clutch bag.

Now, how big does your bag have to be? It is important to distinguish between an everyday bag and an occasion bag. Your everyday bag should be medium to large because it is the bag that you carry to run errands; it is the bag that is built to have all the junk that you need with you when going out for longer periods of time or going out with a purpose. Occasion bags are designed to go with your outfit for a night out or for brunch with the gals but they ONLY carry the necessities. For a night out, a small to medium handbag is ideal especially since some bars/clubs do bag checks so it is ideal to just take a small bag that is easy to carry and search. Small bags are very popular these days because they pair well with almost any outfit. You should know what you are wearing before deciding which handbag to carry!

When it comes to styling a handbag, you have to put your outfit together and ask yourself if you want your handbag to match your top, bottoms, and/or your shoes. That is the easiest way to style a handbag; match your handbag with whatever color overpowers your look. If you are wearing a mostly pink outfit and have a pink handbag, make it an all-pink lewk. The not-so-easy way is to style a handbag that will act as a statement accessory. This means that the handbag may not match any piece of clothing in particular but is being used to make the outfit stand out. For example, you wear a red dress and style it with a white or pink handbag or even a handbag that is a different shade of red. The handbag is the accent of your outfit.

Handbags make the perfect accessory because they can either make or break an outfit and they hardly ever break it. Finding the perfect handbag is not hard, especially with the number of options that are available today. Our new handbag makes the perfect option because of its innovative design, space, and minimalism. We can't wait to reveal the release date of our new collection, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates!

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