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Shades of Brown

Dress: Pacsun

Blazer: Boohoo (soldout)

Heels: Ego

Handbag: COACH

Sunglasses: Afroblisso Brand

I would be lying if I said this post is not a promotion for my brand's new collection...but I do not have any shame. I warned you that I would be posting about my brand A LOT and meant it! I am so happy to be releasing a new collection that I have been spending a lot of time on. I am truly proud of myself for even releasing it at all because it has not been easy focusing on this and so many other things but I did it and for that, I will pat myself on the back.

I wanted to share details on one of the lewks I put together for a quick photo shoot I did for my brand. Unfortunately, I was not able to spend as much time getting product photos together like I did with my first collection and others but this set of photos are probably my favorite because of the color palette I chose for the outfit. Now that it is Fall, I needed to let go of my summer inspiration and start putting together Autumn Fashion inspiration so this will be the first of many (if I decide to put something besides sweats on lol). In this lewk, I am wearing a brown Kendall & Kylie mini dress that I got from Pacsun paired with an oversized blazer from Boohoo that has a slightly lighter shade to it. I am also wearing a pair of brown heeled sandals from Ego and I accessorize with a pair of sunglasses from my brand's new collection, a handbag, and plenty of jewelry. Brown is a great Fall color because of the different shades that you can incorporate (that is probably the best thing about the Fall season).

My brand's new collection 'Luxe' is meant to embody its name. Some people may think that the only way you can look good is by looking expensive, which means that they have to buy the most luxurious fashion products that exist. I created the Luxe Collection to show that you can always look expensive while on a budget; fashion is about style, not the designer brands that you wear. I cannot wait to add more products to this collection as well as a new collection in the Winter. Be sure to check out the Luxe Collection here and you can also shop other new releases that are live on my brand's website now!


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